Interview with Veetmano

Why do you use Vitamist sprays?

1.   For me, one important benefit number is that the sprays work so, and I can really feel the difference usually within a few seconds. I have also watched many people with coughs or feeling weak feel so much better very quickly after spraying themselves with Vitamist Spray Vitamins   One story stands out very much in my mind until this day.  Three years ago at our first Handicapped Children's conference in Krasnodar one small and weak girl only 4 years old was brought to me.  They put her on the table and the mother said the doctors had said that the girl was dying and nobody could do anything about it.  The girl was not moving, but only looking blankly through quiet open eyes.  I told the mother that my feeling was the girl was having poor nutrition and the wrong nutrition and that she needed to change the diet and use the right vitamins.  The mother did not understand.  She wanted to understand, but I seemed to be the first to tell her this information so directly.  So then I opened the child's mouth and sprayed her with Vitamist Spray Vitamins, and then everyone got a big surprise.  After around 30 seconds the young girl started moving her arms and making signs of more life.  So we call her to return also the next day and we sprayed her some more, and after that, she started moving even more.  So now the mother understood the clue and kept using vitamins and upgraded the child"s diet, and now 2 years later she looks so so much better.  The young girl from being hopeless and out of luck is now still alive and much better I just saw her 3 months ago.

2.  Another thing I so much love about Vitamist Spray Vitamins is how they work so quickly and efficiently. This can help people with bad habits, such as over-eating, eating unhealthy snacks or foods, smoking, or drinking addictions.  Because the Vitamist Spray Vitamins taste good and are fast-acting, the energy that they quickly give can become the difference in pulling someone forwards towards a much much more healthy lifestyle and good health.  So whenever, or where ever there is an unwanted craving, it is simply the time to get out your favourite sprays and spray yourself.  This is also good when we feel low energy and want to have more energy for our life.  I usually like to use between 3-6 different sprays at one time.  I like the different tastes and feelings that come with each of the different sprays.  Having lived 20 + years in India, where the nutritional quality of the food can be lower, I really have the first-hand experience of how valuable vitamins can be for us.  I remember hearing that one friend in India was in the hospital for quite a few days and feeling quite weak and sick.  I gave his girlfriend 6 different sprays to help build him up, and quite unexpectedly for everyone, by the next day, he felt better and was able to return home from the hospital
3.  What I also love and what impresses me about the Vitamist Spray Vitamins are the many different kinds and combinations of vitamins and how they are often linked with special minerals or herbs to create the perfect effect for supporting our health questions.  For example, if my eyes feel tired, or also for general use, I will spray myself with Vitasight which has a very important combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the eyes.  Or if I start to catch a cold, I will spray myself with both Echinacea and Multiple Vitamin spray, and these seem to help me very quickly move out of the danger zone, and because I this I usually never have colds.  There is also D Stress which is great if you have a lot of physical, mental or emotional challenges in front of yourself, or also if you just want more energy for a situation.  Another combination that I like is Vitamin E + Selenium, the combination of two powerful antioxidants that work better when taken together.  The two sprays Your Beauty, and Your Strength also have fantastic combinations of herbs to support our body in staying fit and healthy
4.  One more feature that I love very much about spray technology is that the spray technology lets us absorb at around an 85-90% absorption rate.  Because of this, the vitamins that we spray into our mouth really do reach us quickly and efficiently, and they work even where regular vitamins taken in pill form might not because of problems with digestion or absorption through the stomach.  This is a big breakthrough as we are no more wasting the valuable vitamins by binding them to ingredients to make them in a pill form.  So it is great that with spray technology we will get most of the vitamins we pay for inside of us and working to benefit our life.  This also means no more upset stomachs or needing to somehow find a glass of water somewhere when you do not have one nearby.  Spray, spray, and be healthy.
5.  I also like the convenience of use.  Now when I want to use vitamins the whole process takes just a few seconds.  Just shake the tube, take off the cap and start spraying.  No need to go to the kitchen for a glass of water, or if you are driving, it is so easy to spray yourself at the red traffic light.  Spraying yourself with vitamins is much faster, and more healthy than lighting up a cigarette, so why not switch today.  Spray technology is also very hygienic as the vitamins are in the tube where they have no exposure to the outside world until you spray the vitamins.
If you drop the tube to the floor, you can still safely use it as nothing gets inside.  You can also spray your friends and family from the same tube without the worry of spreading germs.  This spray technology is so so helpful for people who have reactions to pills or cannot take pill.  it is also a savior for people who can take pills but have problems digesting the vitamins, or get a reaction in their stomach.  Yes, and for the rest of us who might not have those particular problems, it is the new wonder, the new technology, that makes it easier to use, faster and more efficient and it leaves a good taste in our mouth.
6.  I also really like the size and shapes of the tubes.  I like the different color tubes that makes it very easy to know which vitamin spray is inside just by the color or design of the tube.  I like the feeling of the tube in my hand, and the tubes very easily fit into my pockets or document belt.  I like health and color in my life and Vitamist Spray Vitamins bring both.  For me, it is fun and healthy to spray the vitamins.  It does not feel like work to spray the vitamins.  It is a pleasure and that makes it easier for me to remember to use them.  This is the same for kids too.  They love the different tastes, and it makes it more easy to educate people that we can have things that taste good that are good for us.  No more unused vitamins sitting on the shelf.  Vitamist Spray Vitamins have also brought the fun back into taking vitamins. With pleasure, anew and innovative technology that keeps us much more healthy!!  Why not try it??, and see for yourself how much better you can feel and so easily!!!